The Home Project

Home Project: Hackney

In a time when the housing issue and increasing gentrification in populated urban areas is perplexing and frustrating citizens…The Home Project poses a simple question…what does home mean to us?

Putting Hackney under the microscope as the projects first destination; we look at residents old and new; exposing personal stories and the effects on the wider local community.

‘The Home’ project is an interactive video and image exhibition comprising of individual short films and photography. Exploring the connection to our space and neighbourhood  from connections to places, people and the memories created, we want to highlight resident’s views about the rapid change and adapting to or rejecting this change.

Ashton John is an award winning filmmaker, born and raised in Hackney, specialising in documentary films. His directed independent festival films that have been screened at various film festivals and on television. His films have been screened at the East End Film festival and Channel 4.

Ashton’s films are about people for people, to inspire change and social awareness. He uses the platform of film to communicate powerful moving themes.